Okay it’s official drag has completely taken over my life. How? Some of you may ask, well earlier today Vivian and I were watching VH-1’s Top 20 Video Count Down which we normally like to do on the weekends. As videos were playing I found myself saying “Vivian would look good in that.” or “Vivian […]

Boo..It’s Halloween Weekend!!!!

I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday of the year. Yes Halloween has become more difficult to enjoy with the passing of my dad right before it last year. But I know my dad would want me to enjoy it. He loved the holidays, all of them, just as much as I do. This […]

Before We Know It

Just when I thought the next 2 months would be on the slower side, Vivian gets ask to perform in December. I’m so excited for her. She is already stressing out, but I know she will be fantastic. Now I’m not going to tell you what the performance is for, I want you to keep […]

Year of Reflection

It has been quite a year. Yes I’m aware of the fact that the year still has 2 more months left, but my year ends on October 28th. That was the day my dad passed away and my life with out him began. An  interesting thought though, at the same time my dad was taken […]

Yet Another Example

We need to keep fighting for acceptance because of assholes like Arkansas Board Member Clint McClance. Please read and pass this article on to all your friends. This is disgusting!!!!

Two Year Cycle

Not really sure why but Vivian and I have the worst luck when it comes to friends. We always have plenty of friends but we cycle through friends almost every two years. Meaning the friends we had two years ago are not the same friends we have now. Tell me is this normal?  I think part of the […]

Heels of Horror III Scared Stiff Review

Well Vivian and I went to see Nina West’s Heels of Horror III last night. For my Columbus readers if you have not seen this show yet you have one more chance on Halloween Night and I encourage to go that night. This show was Incredible, Amazing, Mind Blowing do you get the point? It was […]

Heels of Horror

I want to send a big shout out the cast of Heels of Horror opening tonight at Axis Night Club in Columbus Ohio. BREAK A LEG!!!! I can not wait till Sunday to see the show. This show is going to be AMAZING. I know how hard all of you have worked to make sure […]

Finished, Finis, Fertig, Finito

Well folks Vivian and I have finished the projects we were working on. Last night at around 7pm Vivian dropped off the last piece of the costume she was working on for the Halloween Show. Her client was thrilled with everything she did. I can not wait to see the costume in “action” this weekend. […]

Very Excited

Was just abled to link the blog to twitter and facebook. I love Technology.