2010 Thank Yous

So I have done a recap of 2010 and thanked some people but I wanted to do a separate post and thank even more. These thank yous are listed in no particular order except for Vivian. Vivian – Words can not express how much I love you and what you have done for me. January […]

Vivian’s Note

After reading Vivian’s note yesterday I realized there were several events which took place before the diary was up and running that I have not written about. For that I apologize and I promise that over the next few days I will catch up on the following events: Bearvillities, Dragapoloza and A Night of 100 […]

A Note from Vivian

2010, the year in review for Vivan It’s December 28, 2010 and the year is quickly coming to a close.  It’s been a year with so many fantastic experiences, all of them firsts!  Now let me say that had I, for a minute, realized that drag was as expensive as it is, I’d have NEVER […]

Dance and Drive

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! ATTENTION PLEASE! THIS IS PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! Friends should not let friends dance and drive!!!!! Okay so some of you may be asking what the hell is all that about? Let me tell you. On December 17th, Vivian and I were going to a Christmas party in the Polaris/Powell area. […]


We folks I know you missed me during my Holiday Break but you can rest easy Mr. Von B is back and will be posting regularly so sit back and enjoy!!


It has been very quiet in the Von Brokenhymen household now that the Christmas show is over. It actually is a nice change of pace after the last few weeks that we have had. Vivian is home at night. Now, she may be home but she is still sewing.  Viv is making Christmas gifts for […]

After the Show

My apologies for being away for the last few days, but after the show was over I ended up getting sick so I have been sleeping for the last day and half fighting this bug. Onto blogging about the Christmas Show. It was an amazing experience not only for Vivian but myself and all her […]


So before I start posting about this incredible weekend I want so send a HUGE THANK YOU out to everyone who came out and supported Nina & Virginia West and the entire cast, which included my favorite girl Vivian. A special shout out to members of CGMC and Fresh Meat Softball. You guys rock!!!!!!! Follow […]


So the cast of the Christmas just ran through 2 numbers and I have to say I have proud of Vivian! She has come so far in a year. Who would have thought that the same little girl, lol, that stood on stage and lipped sync in Miss Havana would be dancing her ass off […]