Big Debut

Well folks it’s 6 pm on December 10th and Vivian makes her big debut in a main stage show in just over 2 hours. Now about 3 hours ago things were crazy as hell! Remember a while back when I said I was anal rentitive about time? Well it was 3 pm and Viv was […]

Project Snowflake

Well folks Project Snowflake was in full force last night at the Von Brokenhymen’s. What is Project Snowflake you ask, well it consists of 6 dozen snowflake cookies and 6 dozen paper snowflakes. If you want more, you’ll have to come see Nina & Virginia’s Christmas Special this weekend at Axis Nightclub, doors at 7 pm, […]

VonBrokenhymen & Hyde

As I hope you are all aware it is SHOW WEEK and needless to say the level of stress in the VonBrokenhymen household is through the roof. The stress has caused my lovely Vivian to become Mrs. VonBrokenhymen & Mrs. Hyde. One minute sweet, loving and innocent the next OMG run for hills, get out of her way. […]

Drag Queen’s Widow

No one told me that when I became a Drag Queen’s Husband it would also mean I would be a widow. Now before any one starts spreading rumors Vivian is not dead, well not yet she isn’t….LOL. As I’m sure everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows this week is Nina & […]

It’s Here

Well folks it’s here, the week of Vivian’s debut in a main stage show. It just seems like yesterday Vivian and I were talking about how cool it would be if she could do a show like this. I have to say Vivian is handling it a lot better than me. I think I have […]

Christmas Reflection

Well it is the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family, CGMC Joy was this past weekend and it is snowing in Columbus Ohio today. All of this has really put me in the  Christmas spirit and has me reflecting about Christmas. Figured it was good time to do an interactive post. I would like you […]


Just a quick post about the CGMC Joy concert that was this past weekend. Vivian and her CGMC brothers sounded incredible. The new director, Tim Sarsany, did an amazing job his first time out. If you have not seen the concert, you still have a chance this coming weekend, Saturday Dec 11 2 & 8 […]

Christmas Mix II & III

Well folks the Christmas Mix has been completed once again. This time however I did two different versions of it. Well two different versions maybe a little bit of an exaggeration. The difference between the two mixes is just the part I used to transition from one song to another. Vivian wasn’t sure which one […]

Don’t ask, don’t tell: The reality of repeal

The following quote:  “It’s tantamount to saying to women that you are going to have to share living quarters and private areas [with men],” he said, referring to allowing openly gay service members to share barracks and showers. “We don’t do that today with men and women. Now we’re going to ask men and women […]

New Christmas Mix

Well the new idea for the Christmas mix has been decided. Vivian is extremely excited about the new songs and the idea tying the songs together. It should be extremely entertaining. All I have to do is mix the songs, hopefully tonight, and Vivian will be good to go for Nina & Virginia’s Christmas Special, […]