Breaking News-Booking

Listen up my Vivettes I have breaking news hot off the presses. Miss Vivian has a booking this coming weekend. She will be performing in Ciara Mist’s MISSED show on Sunday, April 3rd at Wall Street Night Club, 9 pm. So mark your calendars my little Vivettes and come on out and cheer her and all the […]

Nina’s PlayHouse

Hey Vivettes, want to hear a secret? Nina’s PlayHouse opens tonight at Axis Nightclub in Columbus, Ohio. Okay it’s not a secret but I wanted to make sure I got you attention.  So my second favorite girl Nina West, sorry Miss Nina but Vivian will always be my # 1 girl 😉 , has a new show […]

Drag Dream

Okay my little Vivettes gather around here Mr. Von B wants to tell you about his Drag Dream for Columbus Ohio. I dream of Columbus Ohio getting a Drag Bar like the one in Birdcage. A bar where all queens no matter size, color, drag family or style can perform. A bar where newbies can perform along […]

Lip Service

Okay my little Vivettes do you know what I hate worse than drag shopping? Now I know some of you are problem thinking WHAT? there is something Mr. Von B hates more than that? Well yes there is, and that is lip service. Webster defines lip service: an avowal of advocacy, adherence, or allegiance expressed […]