So my Vivettes today the diary hit 100,000 hits!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you. I honestly can not believe a little blog about being married to a drag queen has had 100,000 hits in 8 months. Now I have no idea whether or not that is quick, slow, impressive, not impressive. I just know […]

A new role

Mr. Von B received a new role last night in addition to Vivian’s manager, promoter, dresser, gopher, mixer and finance officer. Now Mr. Von B is Vivian’s driver. 😉 Let me explain some……. Last night Vivian was going to an audition/meeting for the upcoming CATF fund raiser she’ll be performing in. It was being held […]

New Date

Check out the new date on Vivian’s Upcoming Performance Page. twitter: vonbrokenhymen

USofA Newcomer-Congratulations

Vivian and I would like to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS out to Miss Selena Terrace. She is your Ohio US of A Newcomer winner. This competition was fierce it went for 5 hours yes you read that correctly, 5 hours of drag. Now I’m sure you all know that after 2 Mr. Von B was ready […]

USofA Newcomer

Hey there my Vivettes, Do you like Drag? Do you like Drag Queens? Do you like New Drag Queens? If you answered yes to one or all three of the above then you should go see the Miss Gay Ohio USofA Newcomer 2011 Pageant on Sunday April 17, 9pm at Axis Night Club. No unfortunately your […]


Another guest blog entry by the thin, svelte Miss Vivian, hey, that’s ME! I had a blast at BearVillities Bear-Toons on Saturday night. Both of my numbers were well received. The video of Granny, Sly & T-bird has been posted, so if you’re reading this and weren’t in attendance, you can watch it now. The […]