May was ROUGH!!!!!

So tomorrow night marks the end of Vivian’s month of weekly performing and let me tell you some thing it was ROUGH!!!! Not for Vivian but for yours truly. I think Mr. Von B is going to need to learn to sew so I can help make costumes out of all the surplus fabric Vivian […]

Night Before

Hi there my Vivettes it’s Saturday night before Kiley Dash Presents…..MadHouse and guess what Vivian is doing? If you guessed sewing, you are 100  % correct. I guess all the progress Viv was making with not waiting to the last minutes escaped her for this show. Actually that is not entirely true. Vivian has actually […]

Sunday Night Show-Tunes

Good Evening my Vivettes,  Vivian should be downstairs as I enter this entry, sewing for her upcoming show on Sunday night. Notice how I said should be because it is already after 8 pm and I have hounded her all night to start and she kept saying “I will.”  Yea right. So last night Vivian […]