Star Spangled Tranny Costuming

So Vivian went shopping last night for her costumes for Star Spangled Tranny and all she came home with was a bag of accessories. And let me tell you for the size of the bag and how much she told me spent on them, they better be made out of gold. All I’m going to say […]

SST Song Selection

Okay my Vivettes, the song selection for Star Spangled Tranny have been chosen. YEA!!!!! I think we choose two really good songs for this show. Both in my opinion represent the theme very well. My part is now finished, unless of course Vivian decides one or both need mixed some. I’m honestly thinking of playing with […]

Same Sex Marriage

A few friends posted this video on Facebook. Please watch, it gave me goose bumps. In my opinion it sums up the subject of same sex marriage beautifully. twitter: vonbrokenhymen

Gay Pride

Happy Pride my Vivettes, but what exactly does Gay Pride mean? I think that is a question we could all stop and ask ourselves this weekend as we are celebrating. I’ll start; Gay Pride to me means being proud of who I am, and I don’t just me my sexuality. I am for the most […]

Pride Weekend

Well Happy Pride Week my Vivettes!!!!! This is Columbus’s Pride Week and this coming weekend is Pride weeked. If you are not familiar with what that is just think of it as a huge party from late Thursday night through Sunday Evening were all the bars and business celebrate our community. It’s one time of […]

Forgive and Forget?

So Mr. Von B has a decision to make, should I forgive and forget “friends” in regards to a situation that happened a few months ago or do I just continue to carry the hurt with me. To be honest I’m really not sure if forgive and forget is even an accurate description because on some […]