So any one that reads the diary or knows me understands how much I enjoy shopping at Thrift Stores….NOT!!!! Well Saturday I had the privilege of experiencing the wonderful world of thrifting. Vivian and I had to run a few errands Saturday afternoon and I made the mistake of giving Vivian the keys to my […]


So remember last week when I said there was exciting news coming for Viv Inc? Well my Vivettes are you ready? Vivian Von Brokenhymen Presents:……………………………………………… March 11 th, 2012 at Wall Street Night Club. Yes Vivian is headlining her first show!!! Wall Street Night Club, Sunday March 11th 2012, so mark that date on your calendar. Trust […]

Letting it go….FINALLY

So it’s been 5 months since my life became full of anger and negativity. The event that caused this is not important, I was just as equally wrong as the other involved parties. Did the other parties involved offer an olive branch? Yes they did. Did I accept? No, it was too soon for me. I […]

Drag and Softball

So this past weekend was a Drag and Softball filled weekend. Yours truly played in the CLGSA Tournament this weekend with the Renegades and Vivian performed in Selena Terrance’s Wall Street Show last night. The Renegades finished first for the Season and Second in the Tournament. Way to GO!!! Vivian performances last night were VERY […]

Exciting News

Is around the corner for Viv Inc stay tuned for updates as the are received. twitter: vonbrokenhymen

WVS – Progress

Hi there my Vivettes. How have you been? Mr. Von B has bee away for about a week because Vivian was out of town for a week and without Vivian there is nothing to blog about. Well Vivian is back and work on Wonder Viv Studio is moving full speed ahead. Saturday afternoon we went […]

Sunday Night

Sorry for not posting yesterday my Vivettes but Mr Von B was tired and just needed a me day. So Sunday Night was Britney Blaire Presents: Vanity at Wall Street Night Club, Miss Blaire’s first production show, and it was a great show. Every girl and guy rocked out their numbers and gave it their […]