Mr. Von B’s Lunch

So let me tell you what I had the privilege of doing on my lunch hour today.  Mr. Von B got to run over to the local Walmart here in Dublin and purchase Vivian’s pantyhose for this weekend. It wan’t  just pantyhose too it was 4x pantyhose, two boxes. I always feel so weird searching […]

Drag, Drag and More Drag!!!

Good morning my Vivettes, guess what my weekend will contain? If you guessed Drag you are correct and you win the prize. Not sure you want the prize though. The prize is to be Vivian’s dresser for this weekend. 😉 I told you, you wouldn’t want it. LOL So tonight Vivian is performing At Large and […]

Open For Business

ATTENION LADIES and well LADIES….LOL Wonder Viv Studio is officially open for business. So if you are looking for some dresses, skirts, or hair contact Miss Vivian Von Brokenhymen and see what she may be able to do for you. Now if you are looking for a Pageant Gown, Vivian is not the person to contact, […]


Good Morning my Vivettes, It’s a rainy Friday morning here in Columbus Ohio and shockingly Vivian and I had a small disagreement. Nothing major just a difference of philosphy I would say. However I was a tad bit of a prick and told her not to talk to me for the rest of the day and […]

One Queen, Two Queen, Red Queen, Blue Queen

So progress on Vivian’s first show in March of 2012 is moving along very nicely. The opening # has been decided on, along with some of the props that are going to be needed. The more we plan the more I realize how busy we are both going to be. I honestly don’t know how […]

Sunday and Totes

So I almost forget till I saw Vivian’s Facebook post. On Sunday Vivian wanted to move her fabric totes over to Wonder Viv Studio and since this meant more drag stuff out of the house I was completely okay with it. So we load up Viv’s SUV with 9 totes of fabric. Yes you read that […]

Night of 100 Drag Queens

Okay my Vivettes, Miss Vivian is once again performing in the CLGSA’s Night of 100 Drag Queens. Last year this event was a huge success, a ton of fun and raised money for the Gay Softball World Series.   This year will be no different.  All money raised this year will go to NOGLGSA (New Orlean Lesbian […]

Project Runway

So ALL Day Friday and Saturday was like Project Runway in the House of Von Brokenhymen. We had the mad dash to complete sewing, ideas that didn’t work and Bitchy Queens. 😉   Vivian took Friday off from work to finish, well start is more like it, her sewing for the Miss Bearvillites show on […]