Year end ramblings of a Queen…

Well it’s that time again, already. Reflecting on 2011 while looking forward to 2012! 2011 was a busy year for the Von Brokenhymens. We picked out a studio space in the frozen, icy wasteland that was 400 West Rich Street. We finally moved in the end of June and let me say it was well […]

So Long 2011

So the end of 2011 is fast approaching and Mr. Von B could not be happier about it. I’m not going to say 2011 was a bad year but I can’t really say it was a banner year either. On the plus side Vivian performed almost monthly through 2011. On the negative side Vivian performed […]

2011 Christmas

Good Morning My Vivettes, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that you are ready for the new year. I have to say this Christmas for me was almost perfect. The only things that would have made it 100 % perfect was if Vivian was with me and if my dad was still with […]

1Q Ramblings…..

As 2011 is being wrapped up I’m looking ahead to 2012 with great excitement!  I headline my first ever show.   “One Queen, Two Queen, Red Queen, Blue Queen”,   Sunday, March 11th at Wall Street Nightclub, (doors at 7:00, show starts promptly at 8:00)  Tables are on sale now so let me or a cast member […]

Weekend ramblings from a Queen…

Here’s my weekend in review.  It was to be a busy one, the Long Island Christmas Show, hosted by Nina West, with Freesia Balls, Stephanie Sexton and the lovely Shauna Robix…and me!   I really do love to entertain and usually always have a blast when I’m on stage.  That being said I’ve had some horrendous […]

Ramblings of a Queen….time moves on, as do we

I find it intersting how people change, grow, move on and away. I’m not saying that’s bad, just saying it’s odd how it happens. It’s as if you don’t even see that you drift apart. It starts with being unable to sync schedules for something as simple as dinner or a movie with friends. That’s […]

Service Interruption

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for the following reflection… so please change the channel if you if you are not interested. So today is December 6th and we are in the heart of the Holiday season and sadly I’m not enjoying it as usual. I used to love Christmas and when I say love it […]

Miss Wall Street 2012

So Sunday night was the Miss Wall Street Pageant and NO Vivian did not compete. Trust me my Vivettes, I’m trying to convince Vivian to start competing but she doesn’t feel she is ready just yet. Now back to the Pageant after Vivian was done with CGMC’s rehearsal we went over to support our friends; […]