There has been a ton of coverage on marriage over the last few months, from North Carolina’s ban to DOMA being found unconstitutional.  All of this is has gotten me thinking about what exactly is MARRIAGE. Notice I’m referring to it as marriage not opposite sex, same sex or gay, just marriage, because in my opinion […]

Drag Queens are EVIL!!!!

Drag Queens are EVIL!!!! Okay not all of them just two particular ones: Nina West and Vivian Von Brokenhymen. You may be asking yourselves why would I say my two favorite drag queens are evil, well let me explain. If you live in Columbus Ohio you are familiar with everyone’s favorite pride event Bat-n-Rouge. If […]

Gay Comics!!!!!

Well this was a big week in comics both DC Comics and Marvel Comics made the news in regard to gay characters. First we had DC announcing an iconic character not seen in the NEW 52 relaunch will be introduced as gay.  Then Marvel announced that Northstar one of their first gay characters will wed […]

Cher Look-A-Like Contest

Hey there Vivettes, Come see Vivian and some of your other favorite Queens at Wall Street Night Club tonight. It’s a CGMC Cher Look-a-like Fundraiser, no Vivian will not be doing Cher….lol. All money raised tonight will help send the CGMC to Denver for GALA. Show starts at 8pm.

The Avengers

The Avengers Movie ROCKED. I highly recommend that every one goes and sees it this weekend. Yesterday I attended the Marvel Movie Marathon leading up to the midnight premiere of The Averngers and it did not disappoint. It is EVERYTHING a summer movie should be in my opinion. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!!!

The Adventures of Wonder Viv

So I was having a Facebook conversation through comments on a post the other day that got me thinking about writing. I love to write I currently have 2 different novels started and one outlined out. None of them any where close to being completed. Plus then there is the diary that I try to […]

Miss Gay United States at Large

  Vivian and I would like to send out best wishes to Alexis Stevens who is leaving tomorrow to compete in the National Miss Gay United States at Large pageant.  If you have seen Alexis perform you know she is a fierce entertainer. If you have not seen her perform you are in for a […]