Thursdays Are Not Easy

Yes my Vivettes I know it’s Friday but my brain was not functioning on a level yesterday to allow me to compose this entry. So let me explain why Thursdays are not easy. They are not easy because I get very little sleep the night before. Since Vivian has started performing regularly at Axis for Top Shelf Wednesdays I can […]

Project Fight AIDS

So today Vivian along with myself and our good friend Jason did something extremely cool. We took part in the Project Fight AIDS photo shoot. Project Fight AIDS-a photographic experiment to support awareness, lessen stigmas, and show strength for the fight against AIDS and HIV. If you are not familiar with this please go over to […]

Independent’s Day

So yesterday Vivian was asked to host and emcee some fashion event’s at Columbus Ohio’s Independent’s Day Festival. If you aren’t familiar with the Independent’s Day Festival don’t worry neither was I till Vivian was asked to participate in it. A quick description is the Independent’s Day Festival is a celebration of local businesses. The […]


So my Vivettes, it’s been a few weeks since my last diary entry. Today, I would like to talk to you about support. Now some time ago I discussed support from the perspective of queens supporting each other. This time I want to discuss support from the community. Yes Columbus is an amazing city for […]