Growing Up Gay

Not sure what is causing so much self reflection over the last few days. Maybe it’s the revelation I’m spending the Holidays alone, the recent shootings in different parts of the country or the fact that it seems like the topic of Gay and/or Gay Marriage is every where and being blamed for every thing […]

Gay at Christmas

So Christmas is less than a week away and for some reason I have been thinking a lot about being gay during the holidays. Now let me preface this entry by saying what follows are just my opinion and how I am feeling. I’m not saying it is the same for every one in the […]

The Holidays

Well a week from today is the day the Jolly Ole Fat Man visits and lets be honest Christmas has a way of affecting every single one of us. Those affects run the spectrum from happy to sad to in between. This year I would say I’m in the in between area. There are many […]