6 AM

So what does a drag husband do at 6 am on a Sunday morning? Well let me tell you, they are up and in the car headed to KY to pick up a new costume for Miss Vivian. I guess there is nothing Vivian won’t make me do….lol. I’m not going to say I was […]

Kings, Queens & In-Betweens

Do you love Drag Queens & Kings? Do you enjoy documentaries? Do you want to be an Angel? Do you want to be a part of Hollywood? Well here’s your chance Five Sisters Productions is producing a documentary about Drag Queens, Drag Kings and trans performers in Columbus Ohio. It centers around the Von B’s […]

Event Calendar Updated

Hey there my Vivettes, I just updated the event calendar with upcoming shows and appearances by Vivian and Vivian’s friends. Be sure to check it out. This coming Saturday night, Feb 23 at Wall Street Night Club our friends The Royal Renegades present their annual February Show. The theme this year is Break Ups and […]

Expiration Date

Milk isn’t the only thing with an expiration date, relationships have one too. Now before the rumors start running rampant; I am not referring to me and Vivian, we are going strong. I’m referring to friendships. The key is recognizing that expiration date. As Vivian likes to say everyone comes into your life for a […]