The worst thing about be a Drag Queen’s husband can be summed up in one word: GLITTER. It’s not the late nights, or the panty hoses all over the upstairs, or even the drag politics, its glitter that I hate. Glitter gets every where and I mean every where. Right now the passenger side of […]

Quorum Columbus is on the Way!!!

While discussing same sex marriage, in our desire for equality, it is important we represent ourselves positively. Showing images that aren’t overly sexualized, which instead are cute and flirty, help show we are just as capable of love and respect as anyone. Our project is striving to do just that. Move our image forward. Please, […]

Quorum Columbus

Okay my Vivettes, check out this out. 

A group of individuals are launching a new monthly publication for the LGBTQA community in Columbus Ohio and they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to help with the launch. Every little bit will help them get this publication into print. Even if you don’t live […]

Drag Is Every Where

One side effect of being a Drag Queen’s husband, drag is every where. What I mean by this is anything I hear or see suddenly becomes inspiration for a number for Vivian. Basically I have Vivian on the brain 24/7. I’ll be driving in the car and a song will come on the radio and […]

10 Myths about Drag Queens

So I have already told you what I learned being married to Drag Queen. So I thought I would continue on the line and debunk 10 myths about Drag Queens. Some I will honestly say I believed before Jeff created Vivian and others were ones I learned after being involved in the drag community. 1. […]

The Right Side of History Could Be a Drag

This week the Supreme Court is hearing cases on Proposition 8 and DOMA and the entire country will be eagerly waiting on what the outcomes may be and how those outcomes will affect the lives of gay citizens in the United States. Just like everyone else in the GLBT community I’m extremely excited about the […]

Until There’s A Cure

No plans this weekend? Then join Vivian’s brothers in the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus (CGMC) as they remember the effects of HIV/AIDS on our community while renewing our hope for a cure of this non-discriminatory disease. Songs featured will be both inspired by, and insightful of, the history, losses, and turning points of this pandemic. […]

Letter to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association

Mr. Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association Please explain to me how you can say “Public Policy should be based on reason, not emotion.” However when ever you speak to the public about homosexuality and/or “gay marriage” you attempt to scare the public into seeing your point of view. Aren’t you guilty of trying […]