Second Coming Out

So about 20 years ago I came out to my parents and I have to say my parents surprised me. I had prepared myself that they were going to disown me and want nothing to do with me. That could not have been further from the truth. They told me they loved me and all […]

Music, Fashion, and Drag Unite Against Cancer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Amee BellWanzo Office: (614) 942-0909 Cell: (614) 296-0128 Email: MUSIC, FASHION, AND DRAG COMMUNITIES UNITE AGAINST CANCER Local Artists Strut the Runway at Rock & Roll Fashion Show, May 11  COLUMBUS, OH – Columbus Rocks the Cure gears up for their second annual rock-studded fashion fest, Columbus Rocks the Cure: Rock & Roll […]

It’s a Jersey Thing

I spend my weekends at the mall, my summers down the shore, and late nights in a diner with a plate of cheese fries. I know which exits are which, and that there’s no decent beaches north of 100. I spent prom weekend in Seaside, and many a summer on LBI. I know the mob […]

Another Servings of Tidbits

Vivian’s Facebook post from this morning: So I’m curious…how do y’ all define a friend? So far she has received some interesting definitions; however it got me thinking how does one define a friend. To be quite honest I don’t think I know how to define what a friend is. Lately it seems my definition […]

Marriage Equality

Some of you may be asking why the GLBT community is making such a big deal over Marriage Equality; well simply put “Piece of Mind”. There are over 1100 rights married couples take for granted and don’t even think about. If you are in a same sex relationship it’s not the same. These denied rights […]

Happy Birthday

So today is my husband’s birthday so I want to take time out from writing about drag and marriage equality and wish Jeff an EXTREMELY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Some how those words just don’t seem like enough. Even the gifts I gave you just don’t seem to be enough. You see Jeff is the honestly the […]


Well Mr. Fischer you are at again; ranting against homosexuality and what marriage is. Your latest rant stated “Because we have God’s perspective, we have God’s Counsel, we have God’s wisdom and that trumps man’s wisdom”. Well correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that perspective/wisdom defined by man? For me this is where you […]