Event Calendar Updated

Hey there my Vivettes be sure to head over to the Event Calendar and check out all the newly added shows. There are shows by: Hellin Bedd Nina West Virginia West Cassandra Terrace Britney Blaire Also shows featuring performers from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Some of these shows Vivian is even performing in. So make sure to […]


So this past weekend Vivian and I spent the weekend working on our house. The Von Bs own an old Victorian house in Old Towne East in Columbus Ohio. If you aren’t familiar with this area I suggest checking it out it has some gorgeous homes. Our home is 120 years old and Vivian and […]


So my Vivettes I have coined another word: Vivzilla. Think Godzilla but as a Drag Queen….lol. If I keep this up I’ll need to write Vivtionary, lol, for all my words I used to describe Vivian. So let me back up and explain how Vivzilla came up. Last night Vivian was working on her new […]


Pronouns and Drag can some times get confusing. When some one performs in drag the accepted etiquette is to refer to them by the opposite pronouns. So a woman in drag would be a he and a man in drag would be a she. That in itself isn’t too confusing. Now the confusion comes from […]

This Vivian

The other day Vivian and I were watching VH-1’s Top 100 Songs of the 90s and I looked over at Vivian and there she was, performing to almost every song that was being counted down. This Vivian I have the privilege of seeing every day. This Vivian is the reason I’m okay with spending a […]


It’s amazing to think that a couple that consists of a 7 foot 300 lb Drag Queen and a loud mouth Italian husband could be invisible, however that is exactly how I feel some days about Vivian and me. It is actually a very interesting place where we are. Through the diary, my pieces for […]

Drag Husband Survival Guide

So I have told you what I learned being married to a Drag Queen and also debunked 10 myths about Drag Queens. All that got me thinking I should write a survival guide for any current or future Drag Husband. Think of me as your Drag Husband Jedi. Every good Jedi has a master though, […]