There are honestly times I just don’t understand the game of drag. I was originally going to use the word “world” but the more I thought about it ‘game’ is much more suited to what drag really is. Being involved in the drag in any capacity is like playing a real life game of Dragopoly. […]

My Qui-Gon Jinn

With yesterday being Mother’s Day I thought it would be appropriate to post a diary entry about my mom. 

Where do I even begin? To me, like every other son or daughter out there, I think my mom is AMAZING. I unfortunately did not see this when I was younger. However I don’t think we […]

Wonder Viv Episode 6

Backstage at Axis Night Club Wonder Viv turned the transmitter off and turned to Mr. Von B. “Well were the boys successful?” Mr. Von B asked. “For the most part, they stopped who or what broke into CDMA and none of the mutants were released. However they got away and I’m not sure Director Monke […]


It’s amazing what can happen when attending a drag show. Last night Vivian performed in Virginia West’s Birthday Bash at Union Café. Before the show started I ran into some friends and we started to discuss some things and my one friend said something Vivian has been telling me for years “Let go of that […]

Drag Utility Belt

So I think I need to have Vivian’s costumer designer, Patrick Howell, make me a Drag Utility Belt. Now I have to admit this idea is was not mine originally. It was suggested by a friend a couple of weeks ago when Vivian and I were at Union watching Nina West perform. Vivian was trying […]


Rambo Pugs and the Coconut Twins took off down the corridor after the cloaked figured. Director Monke was prepared for Wonder Viv to come through the destroyed entrance, however she didn’t. “Get me eyes on the holding cages. I need to see what the hell is going on.” Monke yelled to the agents in OPS. […]

Changing Is Not Easy

So I submitted my entry on the Catholic Church to Huffington Post Gay Voices and they published it. I have to admit I was a little surprised I figured that it may be some what controversial for them. Apparently it wasn’t and kudos to them for publishing it. I have to say it has seemed […]

Wonder Viv Episode 4

Director Monke was sitting at his desk when he heard the alarm. INTRUDER ALERT!!! INTRUDER ALERT!!!!! You have got to be kidding me who even knows about this facility? Director Monke thought to himself as he grabbed his pistol from his desk drawer and headed towards OPS. This can’t be happening on top of everything […]