Visions of Vivian

The Event Calendar has been renamed: Vision of Vivian. This was a term Vivian coined last week when she was updating where she could be found performing and I really liked it so I decided to use it for the even calendar. Remember though the shows listed in Visions of Vivian are drag shows and […]

Celebrating Gay Pride

Gay Pride is about celebrating; celebrating everything we have accomplished. Everything we still have to accomplish. Most importantly it’s about celebrating who we are. Not as gay individuals but as individuals. Now that may sound odd to some. Its gay pride why not celebrate being gay? Quite simply put, because we are so much more […]

Love is Love

I don’t understand why being gay or marriage equality is even news worthy. Go to any newspaper or news site and you can find at least one story that is gay related, daily. Trust me I tell you none of our lives are that interesting. Some our lives may be different than what others would […]

Drag Orphan

A piece of advice for any budding queen out there, before you enter the drag world make sure you have at least a drag mother if not a drag family. Having one or both of these things is some thing I would say is essential for any drag queen. Vivian does not have either she […]

Von Brokenary

ADQ – the years after the drag queen existed BDQ – the years before the drag queen existed Draghab – rehabbing a house with a drag queen Visions of Vivian – appearances of Vivian Von Brokenhymen, for some this is good for other it is bad Vivette – supporter/follower of Vivian Von Brokenhymen Vivianize – […]


For those involved with drag queens there are two different times you can get involved with them. There is Before Drag Queen (BDQ) or After Drag Queen (ADQ). I’m sure each time has its own sets of trials and tribulations but I can only discuss BDQ, because I was with Vivian before there was a […]


“@Vivian_VonB you’re Fat” was a tweet that Vivian received last night from a Noah Samways (@2510noah). Guess what Noah No Shit Sherlock. Do you really think Vivian and I don’t know that? Hell we are both big boys, bears some would say. We have used Vivian’s size to our advantage. She isn’t known as the […]