Webster defines Originality as “the ability to think and act independently.” This is a trait I feel is extremely important to the art of drag and one I can proudly say Vivian possesses. Vivian’s originality is seen in her extreme figure, her costumes, her performances and how she approaches drag as an art form. Now […]

Letter to Mike DeWine

Attorney General Mike DeWine plans on defending the Constitution Amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. We can not allow this!!!! Take action call or write his office. Below is a letter I am sending to his office and submitted to the Huffington Post to publish. Please free feel to use it: […]

Von Brokenary (updated)

ADQ – the years after the drag queen existed BDQ – the years before the drag queen existed Draghab – rehabbing a house with a drag queen Feed the Queen – tipping a Drag Queen in a way to monopolize her time Inner Drag Queen – when an audience member at a Drag Show begins […]

For Pugs

Pugs, I have to believe you are with dad watching over me, Vivian, and your brothers so I’m know you are aware of this but I felt I needed to write this. I still miss you. There isn’t a day that goes by that you aren’t mention or at least thought about. It has been […]

The Eyes of a Drag Queen

Drag Queens have amazing eyes and I’m not referring to how they paint their eyes, even though that is fabulous. What I’m referring to is how Drag Queens see the world. In my opinion Drag Queens don’t see the world like the rest of us do and that is a good thing. For if they […]