Two Weddings

Any Vivette, who reads the diary regularly, as all should, knows I believe in Marriage Equality and I want to marry Vivian. They also know that my dilemma currently is do I wait for Ohio to wake up and embrace Marriage Equality or do I take Vivian to NYC and marry her there. I also […]

Being a Guy

Senator Steve Lonegan of New Jersey please explain to me what you mean by your comment “It’s kind of weird. As a guy, I personally like being a guy”in regards to Newark Mayor Cory Booker and his sexual orientation. Yes there is speculation that he may or may not be gay, but that is not […]


Be sure to check out the updated Visions of Vivian. I have just updated it through mid-October with all of Vivian’s appearances and performances along with other Drag Shows in Columbus. If you would like your event listed please contact me.    

Saint Vivian

So as I watch my Facebook feed fills up with status of preparing for the Gay Softball World Series in D.C. I have realized that Vivian is a Saint. Now I’m sure some of you out there, especially those that have seen Vivian drop a V-Bomb, might be thinking I’m crazy. That is more than […]