A Man of Two States

I will admit it has taken me years to admit that Columbus Ohio is my home. I can’t really say why this was. I think there was a part of me that felt if I allowed myself to call Columbus home I would betraying my family in New Jersey. Or maybe it was a stubborn […]


So this past weekend we drove down to Kentucky to pick up costumes for Vivian Friday night and on Saturday all the trips to KY, all the money, all the frustration, all the time and energy FINALLY paid off. You see the Vivian I get the see every day, the one that can give any […]

How Star Wars and the Force proves Marriage Equality is right

Chibuihem Amalaha claims he has used science and magnets to prove Marriage Equality is wrong. So I thought I would use Star Wars and the concept of the Force to prove how being against Marriage Equality is wrong. In Star Wars the Force is broken into two sides: the light side and the dark side. […]

A Message for Dinosaurs

A message to all the dinosaurs out there such as Bryan Fischer, John Kasich, Mike DeWine, Vladimir Putin, The Westboro Baptist Church, One Million Moms and all other close minded bullies & individuals, evil never triumphs over good. I will admit referring to you as evil may be some what extreme, but it really isn’t […]

No Strings Attached

The acronym NSA stands for “No Strings Attached” and normally refers to quick sexual fun with someone. In most cases both parties understand the rendezvous is just for mutual fun and afterwards both parties go their separate ways; there is no attachment, no strings just pure sexual pleasure. Sadly I feel this attitude in the […]

Operation: Half Filled

My apologies for being M.I.A. last week, from the diary. I think I there was only one new post and trust me that one was difficult for me to write. I’m kind of at a crossroads when it comes to life right now and I’m trying to figure out what direction to go. As some […]


Director Monke arrived in the Short North to see buildings damaged, people injured and scared. The area looked like a war zone and the Director had no idea how he was going to cover this up. Until this point all the mutant attacks have been in isolated areas. It was easy for the CDMA to […]

Spinning Her Heels

There really are times I feel like the “Vivian machine” can’t get any real traction when it comes to drag and all she is doing is spinning her heels. I feel like we spend all this time and money and for what? Most times I feel like the answer to that question is NOTHING. Okay […]

Updated Von Brokenary

Von Brokenary ADQ – the years after the drag queen existed Age of Vivian – an astrological era centering around Vivian BDQ – the years before the drag queen existed D – Factor – an unknown quality that a Drag Queen has to influence the art form Drag Family – a group of Drag Queens/Kings […]