Cancer is a Drag

I will be the first one to admit there are times Vivian, and even on a larger scale Drag, frustrates me to no end. If it didn’t there wouldn’t be a reason for the Diary. That being said I know that if Vivian didn’t exist I would miss out on some amazing opportunities. As I […]

Vivian’s Ramblings

Ok my Vivettes, Vivian is BACK!!!! Ramblings of a Queen I’d have to say that I’m a people watcher at heart. I suppose I get that from my parents. Just after they were first married and were basically broke, they would walk to the park in my hometown and sit on benches and watch people, […]

Four Years of Days

It’s been four years, four years of days. There are some days I fine and I don’t shed a tear. To be honest I think those days I forget you are gone. Those are the days I expect to hear your voice. The days I think I can pick up the phone and tell you […]

The Vivian Machine

So I guess it’s time to mix things up a little and throw some of you for a loop. I believe in Vivian. Yes I will admit I complain, even bitch about her. Some may even say I’m not very supportive and others that I’m not very friendly. I won’t disagree with any of that […]

Not a Choice

Being from New Jersey and married to a Drag Queen you would have to think I’m pretty thick skinned and I would have to agree. However even someone as thick skinned as me can only take so much “bashing” from the religious right in the news. ENOUGH ALREADY! GIVE IT A BREAK! I just don’t […]

Survivors, Fighters, and Supporters

Spinelli’s Deli will host “Survivors, Fighters, and Supporters,” a portrait photography show honoring Columbus individuals battling cancer and the loved ones who support them, next month. The exhibit features works by lifelong Columbus resident and Upper Arlington High School science teacher Frank Tuttle. An opening reception will take place on Thursday, November 7 from 6:00 […]

Return of the Dranado

So the Von Bs were once again hit by a Dragnado this past weekend and it was a big one. Friday night the winds of the Dragnado began when Vivian had the privilege of joining Hellin’Bedd, Ashley Ausitn Ferrah, and Jayla Cruz at Southbend Tavern. I have said it before and I will say it […]

Drag Nazi

After helping Vivian choose costumes for her upcoming gig on Saturday I feel like I need to be more of a Drag Nazi than I’m sure Vivian feels I am. I say this because for the then length of time Vivian has existed she has too many costumes and all of them are amazing. That […]


When you are married to a Drag Queen, their art touches every part of your life. There really isn’t any way to escape it; and trust me I have tried over the last four years. To some degree you don’t even realize it’s happening until one day you wake up and your life as become […]