Drag Vacations

So this coming Sunday the Von Bs are going on one of our many drag vacations. That is right we are headed to Lexington KY to pick up more costumes for Vivian. Yes where other queens get to go to exotic locations and have hot boys serve them drinks in frosted glasses, I go to […]

The Fish Net Incident

Last night a new list was almost born: 10 Reasons Vivian Drives Me CRAZY. Instead it has become this tongue in cheek diary entry. So last night Vivian performed at Union and the night started off pretty good. We headed over to the studio earlier in the evening to get Vivian’s hair, shoes, costumes, and […]

The Rainbow Connection

When one hears the term ‘drag queen’ one thinks of men in dresses, RuPaul, or RuPaul’s Drag Race, not hunger and helping those in need. Well this coming Saturday night, November 23rd, at Axis Night Club the Drag Queens of Columbus, Ohio are going to bring not just the GLBT community of Columbus but the […]

One Busy Von B

I have never been one to rest on my laurels. I am always attempting to achieve more and my writing is no exception. So it should come as no surprise to any of the Vivettes that I would take on even more writing opportunities. The first one was of course Huffington Post Gay Voices and […]


Director Monke arrived back at CDMA hoping Agent Utapa had a handle on the Short North situation. If not the Director did not know what he was going to do. Covering up an attack in the Short North during a gallery hop was not going to be easy. If Agent Utapa couldn’t create a believable […]

10 Reasons to Love the Man Behind the Queen

A few weeks ago I received a Facebook message from a Drag Queen in Portland asking me if I ever thought of writing a piece along the lines of “reason its okay to date a drag queen”. I will be honest I never did because drag to me has just become a part of my. […]