Sharing Vivian

How many people truly like to share? Let’s be honest I don’t think any of us actually like to. It’s just some thing we are taught to do growing up and then later just accept as a fact of life. For me personally I’m not good at sharing. Growing up I was pretty much an […]


When you are Italian it goes without saying that family means a lot. Yes I know with a name like Von Brokenhymen you would have ever guessed I was Italian… For me family is everything. It means always having each other’s back, always being there for one another. It means through the good and the […]

The Reach of the Dragopus

Last week the reach of the Dragopus was everywhere. It started on Tuesday afternoon/evening. We had to take an unexpected Von B-cation to KY to pick up some costumes. This Von B-cation wasn’t as relaxing as ones in the past. Partly due to this one being so unexpected but also because the Coconut Twins (Klaus […]

12 Days of Dragmas

Well my Vivettes it’s the Holidays a time for family, friends, good tidings and let’s be honest GIFTS… If you read the diary you more than likely have a Drag Queen you will need a gift for. So I thought I would put together and 12 Days of Dragmas gift list for the Drag Queen(s) […]

Tips for New Queens

Tips for New Queens I’m not a Drag Queen but I’m married to one and I thought I could offer some advice to new or budding queens after seeing what Vivian learned and experienced when she first starting performing in drag. However before I get into the actual tips I thought I should make an […]


The CDMA SUVs approached the address Alfred provided of Wonder Viv’s last location. “I want all agents prepared and ready. Give me a perimeter around the entire location. No one or nothing gets in or out until we have Wonder Viv and the Ape Creature in custody.”  Director Monke directed his agents over the com […]

Types of Queens

Drag Queens are like snowflakes not one of them is alike. Each one has something I like to call their own Dragnality, the attractive and in some cases unattractive qualities that make a Drag Queen unusual or interesting. Even though no Drag Queen is a like another they can be grouped into different types of […]