Giving Back

So any Vivette knows I have been waiting and hoping for my Vivian to finally be discovered by others and it seems that is slowly starting to happen. Recently Vivian has acquired a monthly hosting gig at Club 20 and another one with more details to come soon, has been asked to perform at Shadow […]

Drag Queen Down

When a Drag Queen falls does she make a sound? Well the answer to that question is YES and if you were at Club 20’s Wig-ing Out Wednesdays last night you know this. Yes the very petite, very small Vivian tried to drop it like it was hot last night for the crowd and she […]

Good Bye Drag Orphan

The word family is used quite often in the gay community and even more in the drag community. There are many different reasons for that but I would say the largest reason would be a sense of belonging with those you connect with. Whether one’s family is blood or chosen; having people you connect with […]