Words Hurt

In the last 4.5 years of Vivian, we have made our fair share of mistakes. Some of those mistakes were caused by ignorance, some by pride and more recently by emotions. As much as we all attempt to take the high road and let things just roll off our backs some times we fail and […]

Busy Busy Von Bs

So this past weekend was CRAZY busy, but it so worth it. Friday night Vivian had the privilege of hosting an event called Gilly Garage, presented by Movement Activities. If you are not familiar with this group of individuals you really need to be. These amazing artists perform acts that I would never have the […]


So last night the Von Bs went shopping at a brand new shop that opened in Columbus Ohio. It’s called WVS and Vivian got some incredible deals on fabric while there. Actually you will never guess what she paid: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! Yes you read that correctly! Vivian purchased several yards of fabric at WVS and […]

Vivian’s Birthday Weekend

So this past weekend wasn’t even my birthday but it took me all of yesterday to recuperate from it…..lol. The weekend started off Friday evening when I posted my proposal via HuffPost Gay Voices and she said YES!!!! Then we went to dinner and saw Captain America: The Winter Solider. If you like Marvel movies […]