Art + Drag for Michael

On May 30th Circus Restaurant & Bar is hosting a fund raiser for Michael Morones, the 11 year old My Little Pony who was bullied for his love of the show. If you would like to purchase tickets or donate to the cause please visit this link. Only working together can we put an end […]

The Affects of Bullying

At the end of this month the Von Bs are joining forces with several friends and businesses for an event to benefit Michael Morones, the 11 year old My Little Pony fan who was bullied so severely he attempted suicide. More on the event in a later post, however all the planning over the last […]

Vivianisms # 30 – 36

Vivianism #30 if you have enough bleach in your washing machine to burn the eyes of those around you, you may be using too much. Just sayin. Vivianism #31 My first pair of DD boobies were made of knee highs filled with birdseed, double bagged of course. Can you imagine the mess had I sprung […]