So last night was laundry day for the Von Bs. Yes I know that isn’t too exciting and I would have to agree. It’s a chore I’m sure most people do not enjoy, yours truly being one of them. I will say that one piece that still, even after almost 5 years that strikes me […]

Vivianisms 37 – 50

Vivianism #37 Rarely do any entertainers have the time to be pressing or ironing costumes only to put them back in a garment bag, or suitcase to take to the venue (pageants are a totally different story) only to arrive at the bar all wrinkled again. Do yourself a favor and puchase some Downy wrinkle […]


So this past Friday it was Art + Drag for Michael at Circus and it has taken me a few days to reflect on that night. This was a benefit the Von Bs teamed with You Will Rise an anti bullying organization our friend artist, Paul Richmond co-founded, to raise money for Michael Morones.  A […]