3(less) Queen Drag Brunch

Well sadly the Three Queen Drag Brunch had to be shelved. I will admit I’m a little disappointed that we had to do this. Odd I know considering how much I complain about Vivian, but for me the Drag Brunch was the area that Vivian really shined. This was the closest everyone else came to […]


Up until recently when ever Jeff and I have been in public people don’t realize he is Vivian. A large of that is because Vivian’s transformation is so severe between how she paints her face, her hip pads, and her corseted mid section. I will in admit in the beginning even I didn’t recognize Jeff in Vivian […]

Drag Brunch

The Three Ring Drag Brunch has a new name and venue. With the closing of Circus The Three Ring Drag Brunch is moving to Wall Street Night Club and will now be known as the Three Queen Drag Brunch. Vivian and I are extremely excited about this next phase of the Drag Brunch. As much […]