A New Job

So from time to time I have update my Drag Husband resume. Being a Drag Husband basically means being a jack of all things drag. However some times a very specific job comes up that I have either learned or realized I have been doing for Vivian. The new job that now falls under my responsibility is Show Poster Designer and to be honest I am having a blast.

Up until recently there has been no reason for Vivian to have ads designed. All shows that she would perform in have been other queen’s shows. Now that Vivian is hosting 5 shows a month and performing in a sixth one, the need for show posters developed.

So yours truly did what any good Drag Husband would do. I purchased Photoshop and started designing show posters. Now we all know that even though I may be designing the posters Vivian has final say on how they look and what should be used…..lol. I can’t tell you how many times she demanded, no let’s go with requested a change in the font that I used. I have a tendency to use fonts that connect to poster even if that font is not the easiest to read. Yea Yea I know readable should be a consideration, but there are so many fun fonts out there. So once I get the fun font out of my system Vivian will come along and say “You need to change the font it’s not going to be easy to read.” When she makes the request I never tell her she is right but we both know that she is.

I will admit lately I have been taking that into consideration when choosing the font I want to use. I figure I’m not going to change her opinion so I may as well join her. It is Vivian’s world after all and I’m just along for the ride!

To date I have done at least 12 show posters for Vivian. Some of them have been the same poster just with a change in the show date and performers, but I do try to create original ones as much as possible. Out of all the posters I have done there has only been one Vivian has said after the fact she didn’t like. My response was “Well you approved it.” LOL It wasn’t so much Vivian didn’t like the ad it was more the colors. It was a bright ad and she prefers more of a vintage look.

Out of my job responsibilities for Viv Inc Show Poster Designer is my favorite.