After the Show

My apologies for being away for the last few days, but after the show was over I ended up getting sick so I have been sleeping for the last day and half fighting this bug.

Onto blogging about the Christmas Show. It was an amazing experience not only for Vivian but myself and all her fans. Every one who saw Vivian make her debut in January at Miss Havana were so impressed by how far she has come. They couldn’t believe the girl who stood on stage in January was dancing on stage, really dancing. Let me tell you some of that choreography was complicated. I was blown away when I saw Vivian doing those dance moves. WOW is all I can say.

Along with an amazing experience it was extremely exhausting for both of us. Me from stress, I was worried about Viv’s big debut. For Vivian it was some stress but most of it was physical exhaustion. Remember she had rehearsals the last 2 weeks then 3 nights of performances. By Sunday night Vivian could barely walk….lol.

Now that show is over I can reveal what Vivian’s performance was. She did “Have A Martha Stewart Christmas” into “Suzy Snowflake” and she was fantastic. During the performance Vivian threw out Snowflake sugar cookies, provided by Three Blind Mice Bakery, to the crowd. The crowd loved it, the funniest thing was when Vivian attempted to throw the cookies up to the balcony or mezzanine. Lets say Vivian has no arm and really throws like a girl…..LOL. Every time she tried she missed or the cookies went were she wasn’t aiming. The crowd had a good laugh all 3 nights at this.

Even during her solo number Vivian danced and worked the stage. I can’t stop saying that she has come so far in such a short period of time. Vivian looked fantastic. The dresses she maded looked amazing. Vivian is really coming into her own. Hopefully some one got a video of Viv performing and will post it all facebook for everyone that missed the show.

As of right now Vivian’s next performance is not till April but remember keep reading the diary and follow me on Twitter for updates on the performance schedule.

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