Another Dragnado Survived

So my Vivettes, I survived the latest Dragnado that hit the Von Bs this past weekend.

It started Thursday night when Vivian kicked off her newest show: The Friday Eve Show at Circus. This was subtitled The Siamese Twin Edition because her “twin” Hellin’ Bedd joined her in the fun. Being that Thursday was also Red White & Boom, Columbus’s firework display, the ladies had a lot of people to play with as they walked by the bar on their way home. One of the best things about Circus is that the front is all windows and it’s located on North High Street. For part of the Show Vivian and Hellin’ were out front talking and joking with individuals. I have to say for some reason both of the ladies were out of control Thursday night, not in a bad way, but in a funny entertaining way. Well I thought they were, who knows what others thought, especially the passersby… The exciting thing about this show is you can enter for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas. So you want a free trip to Vegas you should check Vivian out this coming Thursday, July 10th at 10:30 pm at Circus in the Short North.
Friday night Vivian helped Samantha Rollins celebrate her birthday at Southbend Tavern along with Orion Hyde and Miley Justice. Southbend is not a venue Vivian gets to perform at very frequently but the crowd really enjoyed her and the staff was fantastic to her. Vivian really impressed me with this show because she did something she normally does not do. She chose and learned the songs she performed earlier that afternoon. This is some thing very unusual for Vivian normally she works on songs for a few days, so I have to say I was very happy to see Vivian do this especially after seeing her performance.

Thank you to Samantha and Southbend for having Vivian, hopefully we can do it again in the future.

Saturday there was no drag but we went to friend’s karaoke party and even out of drag people want to see Vivian perform so her and a friend performed two songs. Yours truly does not perform and especially not karaoke. Of course the one thing Vivian kept hearing all night was next time you need to come in drag….lol. The funny thing about that is she did she wouldn’t be able to sing because of being corseted so tight.

Sunday it was the Red White and Boom Three Ring Drag Brunch. This week Vivian welcomed Hellin’ Bedd and Samantha Rollins and as usual these three together are HILARIOUS. The banter back and forth keeps the audience laughing the entire time. If you have not seen a show with these 3 I really recommend you do. If you have not been to a drag brunch you have another chance this Sunday July 13 at 11 am.