As the Vivian Turns

Okay my Vivettes welcome to another episode of As The Vivian Turns. This episode took place over this past weekend. Friday night was a calm night in the Von B household, let’s be honest all the rain in Columbus, Ohio has made this summer a little difficult.

Now Saturday was when Vivian started to turn. It was time for a Von B daycation to KY for a costume order pick up. We started the day with breakfast with a friend at 6:45. After breakfast we started our trip to Patrick’s and Troy’s. We arrived about 11 am and Vivian tried on her new costumes. Let me tell you the new pieces are out of this world. Wait to you see them. I believe Vivian will be debuting them at July’s Three Queen Drag Brunch. So if you haven’t made your reservations you need to do so quickly.¬†We left KY around noon and arrived back home about 4 pm. We spend some time with the Coconut Twins before we head over to some friends to celebrate a birthday.

Sunday it was Punch Brunch at the Shadow Box Bistro. This is Vivian’s other brunch gig. Have you notice my Vivettes that most of Vivian’s regular shows are centered around food? LOL The crowd at this brunch was fantastic and I have to say Vivian was OFF THE HOOK. She was down right hilarious which you all know that is not something I say lightly. After brunch we headed home and spent the rest of the day with the Coconut Twins.

There was no dragscaping this weekend.