Do you have times in your life where you feel alone? Or maybe you need to talk to someone and you don’t know who to turn to? Are there times you feel no one will understand?

Everyone has had those feelings from time to time and most can gather the strength needed to get through the feelings.  Unfortunately for some, those feelings are too much and not something that can conquered. For those individuals sometimes a simple piece of advice or gesture is all that is needed to give them the strength to put those feelings behind them. It is for that simple reason the You Will Rise Project and The Von Bs have decided to create their latest project: #AskVIV.

#AskVIV is a series of videos where Vivian and Intern answer questions submitted by the general public. Some times these questions are silly and playful and other times the questions can be quite serious. All with the intent to give individuals something educational or humorous depending on what they need. To date questions have ranged from silly fun topics as Celebrity Crushes to something as serious as what Respect means in the LGBTQA Community. Now in no way are these videos meant to take the place of professionals who are trained to provide therapy and counseling. These videos are meant to provide a resource for those that may not know where to turn for the help they may need.

The other purpose of these videos are to provide a platform to show other, especially the youth, that what they are feeling others have felt or are dealing with and to show them that things can and will get better. These videos are also meant to show those that feel alone there are others out there willing to provide a shoulder to lean on and if possible lend a helping hand. Too many of our community have been lost because they have felt alone or were sheltered from others that have experience they very same thing and could have lent a helping hand.

As always though if you are feeling alone or depressed seek out a counselor or therapist first, however if you don’t know where to go, #AskVIV could be a great resource for you.