NO MORE!!!!!

Today, July 15 2015, Republican Senators told LGBT kids their lives don’t have any worth by killing an Anti-Bullying Bill that would provide them with much needed protection. For those of you who may feel bullying is just a part of life, kids will grow out of it, or there are no lasting affects. I […]

As the Vivian Turns

Okay my Vivettes welcome to another episode of As The Vivian Turns. This episode took place over this past weekend. Friday night was a calm night in the Von B household, let’s be honest all the rain in Columbus, Ohio has made this summer a little difficult. Now Saturday was when Vivian started to turn. […]

Updated Von Brokenary

ADQ – the years after the drag queen existed Age of Vivian – an astrological era centering around Vivian BDQ – the years before the drag queen existed Book of Viv – the collection of all of Vivian’s vivianisms. D – Factor – an unknown quality that a Drag Queen has to influence the art […]

Weekend of Equality

Yea I know this recap is a day or two late and I apologize my Vivettes but  between work, Vivian, the Coconut Twins, and Dragscaping the yard; time has been getting away from me extremely quickly. Not only was this past weekend a historical one with Marriage Equality becoming the law of the land but […]


So it’s been a few days and I have to say I’m still some what shock that I can now legally wed Vivian and it will be recognized across the entire country. Getting married is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. It’s something I always thought about and wanted to, just […]