Klaus aka Baby Boy

6-6-2006 to 2-4-2017 Baby boy it has been almost 2 weeks since we had to say goodbye and it still hurts. Just when I think I’m over the pain it comes rushing back making my heart ache all over again. I’m not sure I am ever going to get over saying goodbye to you. The […]

14 Years

It doesn’t seem possible but Jan 1 was the Von B’s 14 year anniversary. I also realized that Vivian has been a part of our lives for half of that time. That especially does not seem possible. After 14 years there is nothing I would change. Okay that isn’t true. If there was one thing I […]


The other day I said to Vivian when we were talking about the Pulse tragedy that I think I’m dead inside because I wasn’t feeling anything about it. There no was no anger, no sadness; there were no feelings at all. Later in the day after much soul searching I realized I wasn’t dead inside, […]

The Purple One

On April 21 the world lost a true musical genius, Prince, and to be honest a day later I still can not believe it. Any one that knows me knows that the only emotion I really show is anger. Some thing that I have documented many times in the diary. So for me having Prince’s death […]