Bears, Drag & Softball

So this past weekend was filled with Bears, Drag & Softball! How is that for diverse?

As you already know my Vivettes Friday was spent driving to KY and back for drag costumes. See the KY Trip entry for that.

Saturday night Vivian and I went to Chuck & Eric’s Annual Pig Roast. This is the bear party of the summer. I think every Bear in Columbus Ohio was there at some point. As usual it was a good time. The weather was perfect just to sit outside and enjoy some good food and company.  Once again thanks for including us guys.

Sunday was a combo of Drag & Softball. Mr. Von B had to 2 softball games Sunday afternoon. We split those games; 1 win 1 loss. Vivian spent the afternoon at Wonder Viv Studio and running some last minute errands before Under the Big Top.

So after my softball games I had to head over to Wall Street Night Club and slip into the role of Mr. Von B dresser to the Drag Diva, Vivian Von Brokenhymen. Wow that kind of makes me sound like a super hero……lol.

Now onto Vivian’s performances for Under the Big Top:

First there was Vivian’s part in the opening number where Vivian was a Bearded Lady. She looked fantastic, she worn her yellow polka dot bikini with a beard.

Then we were onto Vivian’s first solo # “Cold Hearted”. Vivian was a snake charmer for this and sadly to say her energy was a little low. The reason for this was Vivian was uninspired by this number. I found this out after the fact or I would have suggested a change. I will say though she looked AMAZING.

Then we had Vivian’s second solo a mix of “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” & “Dark Lady”. Vivian knocked this one out of the park. Her gypsy costume was fantastic and she really worked the crowd, was so proud of her.

For the closing number Vivian’s costume was insane. Our friend Patrick Howell designed the most amazing “clown” costume for her. It was so big that she had to turn it sideways to get through the hallways and up onto the stage. Watching Vivian dance in this was a sight to behold.

So I guess you can say when it came to solo #s Vivian split as well; she one won and loss one, just like Mr. Von B’s softball team.

If you missed Vivian in Under the Big Top be sure to catch her in the 3rd Annual Night of 100 Drag Queens on July 28th at Axis Night Club, 8 pm. Vivian will be debuting a brand new costume for this as well.