The Book of Viv: Vol I

Well everyone has been asking when is the Book of Viv going to be available and the answer is TODAY. That is right Vivettes just click right here to purchase the first Volume in the Book of Viv. Get your copy hot off the presses.    

Vivianisms 37 – 50

Vivianism #37 Rarely do any entertainers have the time to be pressing or ironing costumes only to put them back in a garment bag, or suitcase to take to the venue (pageants are a totally different story) only to arrive at the bar all wrinkled again. Do yourself a favor and puchase some Downy wrinkle […]

Vivianisms # 30 – 36

Vivianism #30 if you have enough bleach in your washing machine to burn the eyes of those around you, you may be using too much. Just sayin. Vivianism #31 My first pair of DD boobies were made of knee highs filled with birdseed, double bagged of course. Can you imagine the mess had I sprung […]