The Trevor Project

Please pass the word about the following amazing organization: The Trevor Project As a community we need to do everything we can to help our youth. For some of them we are all they are going to have.


October use to be my favorite month of the year. You see I do not like fall or winter but I love Halloween. I know weird, what can I say I’m complicated….lol. This year though October is very hard for me to deal with. October marks the one year anniversary that my dad passed away […]

Ho Sho 666 – Oct 2nd

Well, last night was the Ho Sho 666. I have to say it was a huge success and a lot of fun and Vivian Von Brokenhymen rocked her numbers out. Against my advice Vivian wore go-go boots for 2 of her 3 numbers. I was very nervous but it seems the boots were tight enough […]

Last Minute Ho Sho Prep

Well folks here it is the day of the Ho Sho and guess what Vivian is finishing up some last minute projects. Yes you read that right the show is in 11 hours and Vivian is not done. She is currently shortening one costume, which she never tried on till last night. I basically had to […]


So when I first started this diary I figured it would be a fun way to document being married to Vivian and that is what the majority of the content will be. However, slowly I realized that this diary  can be an outlet to comment on events happening in our community.  I will admit I am not the […]


Please read this article. I can remember myself being teased about being gay growing up and that was before I even knew myself. Luckily I had amazing parents who taught me to be strong and not to care what other kids (people) thought or said about me. Not all kids are that lucky. It is […]


So folks there is some confusion/frustration in the Von Brokenhymen household. We are not sure how to proceed with Vivian, meaning should Vivian continue to perform or should Vivian hang up her heels. My vote is for Vivian to continue to perform. Vivian is not so sure. You see in case you forgot drag can […]


You would think an Assistant State Attorney General of Michigan would have better things to do with his time. Click on this article and read about his campaign against an openly gay student body president. Me thinks he protests too much.


So I made the mistake of saying to Vivian last night that her dancing boys for her one number needed prop guitars of some sort. That was not very smart of me because now I will get to spend the next 3 days looking all over town for guitars that will work. I went to 2 Halloween stores […]