Well I am glad to report that finally Vivian has one costume done for the Ho Sho. Last night Jillian came over and helped Vivian zombified the wedding gown. What does that involve you ask. Well let me tell you, spray paint and scissors. Vivian and Jillian took a white wedding dress (we all know […]

Age of Vivian

Let me explain what the Age of Vivian means. It means it is all about Vivian. It is Vivian’s world and we are just living in it….LOL. Ask any of Vivian’s friends and they will agree. Things are done how Vivian wants and when Vivian wants. Remember my post about stress? That is a perfect […]

Drag Weekend

So being a drag queen’s husband just doesn’t involve supporting your drag queen, it involves supporting other queens and the community as a whole. This week Vivian and I did just that. On Friday night we went to Havana for the Justin Pryde fund raiser. Mr. Pryde is Mr. Columbus Gay Pride. For those of you unfamiliar […]

Music during the Age of Vivian

Music has taken on a whole new meaning for me during the Age of Vivian (I love that). Before the Age of Vivian music was just an escape for me. A way for me to relax or release my feelings. I have an incredible passion for music. In high school and college music was to me what sports […]


I have to say when it comes to Vivian performing I stress more than she does. It is 2 1/2 weeks to the Ho Sho 666 and I’m a nervous wreck. Vivian has her hair or hurr, as she likes to call it, finished. Which is quite surprising…LOL. I have her mixes done, not shocking […]


So I have been posting about being married to Vivian for 15 days now. I want to know what else does do you want to hear about? I have ideas for future posts. I need to document the night of the first performance, that will hopefully be coming later today. Plus discussion about a night Vivian […]


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I have a confession to make I cheated on Vivian last night and it felt so good.  I did a mix forBritney Blaire, another drag queen who is performing in Ho Sho 666. Did you seriously think I would cheat on Vivian any other way? I’m not stupid she would CUT me. It was very […]


Okay, let me tell you when it comes to helping a Drag Queen..be very careful what you say and how you help. Sometimes helping can come back and bite you in the behind. We won’t even discuss helping the night of a show. That is a WHOLE separate blogs. Now as all of  you know […]