Rehearsal with the HOS!

Riddle me this my devoted readers: Where can you go and find grown men dancing in heels dressed as men? Where else but a drag show rehearsal…..LOL. Last night was rehearsal for Ho Sho 666. If you think a drag show is interesting you should be at one of its rehearsals. You have unshaven, unpainted, […]


Even though it is almost a year later I have to say I am still shocked/surprised that I am married to a drag queen. The  reason for this is 17 years ago when I came out of the closet, drag queens scared me. It was more of when you don’t understand some thing it scares […]

First Appearance/Performance Part III

So I have told you about the first appearance and some of the events leading up to the first performance. Well let me tell you about the night of the first actual performance Miss Brokenhymen ever had. As stated in previous posts it was Miss Havana on Jan 29 2010. I suggested to Vivian that she […]

Ho Sho 666

Ho Sho 666 is at the end of the week and Vivian FINALLY began the choreography for her first number. Now when I say begin I mean exactly that. It’s not learned,  she just figured out what her and her dancing boys will be doing. I do not even know what they will be doing because […]

Shopping with the Hos

Alright kiddies, gather around and listen to the story of Shopping with the Hos….LOL. Last night Vivian and some of the girls from the Ho Sho went shopping for hair, brushes, clothes and shoes. And guess what? Vivian requested that I accompany her on this little shopping trip. I was not very pleased by this […]


Well I am glad to report that finally Vivian has one costume done for the Ho Sho. Last night Jillian came over and helped Vivian zombified the wedding gown. What does that involve you ask. Well let me tell you, spray paint and scissors. Vivian and Jillian took a white wedding dress (we all know […]

Age of Vivian

Let me explain what the Age of Vivian means. It means it is all about Vivian. It is Vivian’s world and we are just living in it….LOL. Ask any of Vivian’s friends and they will agree. Things are done how Vivian wants and when Vivian wants. Remember my post about stress? That is a perfect […]

Drag Weekend

So being a drag queen’s husband just doesn’t involve supporting your drag queen, it involves supporting other queens and the community as a whole. This week Vivian and I did just that. On Friday night we went to Havana for the Justin Pryde fund raiser. Mr. Pryde is Mr. Columbus Gay Pride. For those of you unfamiliar […]

Music during the Age of Vivian

Music has taken on a whole new meaning for me during the Age of Vivian (I love that). Before the Age of Vivian music was just an escape for me. A way for me to relax or release my feelings. I have an incredible passion for music. In high school and college music was to me what sports […]