Clothing…..Lots of Clothing

So last night we moved Vivian’s clothing to Wonder Viv Studio and let me just say I was shocked!!!! The first thing that shocked me was how it was even possible for Vivian to have the amount of clothing she had in the space she was storing it in. I would have to say she had everything she owned jammed into maybe 2 feet, 3 feet at the most. Everything she owned filled up the back seat and trunk area of her SUV.

The next thing I was shocked about was how Vivian has been telling me for every show she has nothing to wear. What a fib. πŸ˜‰ Vivian had more pieces of clothing she hasn’t worn than has. Now when I pointed this out to Vivian I was told well most of these I need to do something with before I can wear them. Well here’s a thought do that before purchasing something else to wear. CALL ME Crazy. πŸ˜‰ Now I’m sure Vivian will comment on this entry with some thing along the line of “All the fabric I purchase was on clearance or I paid next to nothing for it.” Because I heard that last night as well.

Seriously Vivian’s clothing fills up a six foot span in the studio currently. Granted some of that space is due to the fact that Vivian has it all spread out so she can find things easily. There items I forgot Vivian had purchased and there were some I didn’t even know. Of course there were several that I remembered when they were purchased and was told “I need this for _________ fill in the show name.” and it was never worn. πŸ˜‰

Now we need to get the desks and book shelves over to the studio andΒ a cutting table purchased so Vivian can start working on these clothes so she can wear them. Hell maybe if I’m lucky we won’t have to purchase anything for 6 months or so. I seriously doubt that. LMAO

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  • Vivan

    oh Mr Von B…it’s good to dream. Now there is a decent amout of stuff that was purchased at a thrift store….and it does need altered…Viv isn’t an “off the rack” kind of girl. Yes, even I was shocked at how much stuff was jammed in that 2 foot space, I just kept pulling stuff out and it looked like I had even started yet. As for not needing stuff for 6 months, only if I’m not booked or doing a show.