Drag Bus

So this past weekend Vivian was not crazy busy, that is this coming weekend, but I have to say by the end of the weekend I felt like I was hit by a drag bus and to be honest I’m not sure why, I’m just glad I survived it.

It started Friday with our monthly Von B vacation to Kentucky. If you aren’t familiar with what these are let me quickly explain. Due to Vivian’s passion for costumes we don’t get to take real vacations to fun and exciting places. No we take one day vacations to Vivian’s costume designers, Patrick & Troy in Kentucky, so she can have new costumes. This one was extremely special for Vivian because se was coming off a 2 month dry spell of no costumes. Now this wasn’t Vivian’s choice and I wish I could say I had something to do it with but I didn’t. It was due to Patrick & Troy being so busy with pageant packages that were not able to do anything new for Vivian. By the end of these 2 months she was going through withdrawal and the funny thing is in that period she did receive 2 new costumes, one by Troy and one by Samantha Rollins. However, if you listen to Vivian it was like she hadn’t received anything new.
So this trip consisted of 3 new pieces and in usual fashion they were fantastic, so Vivian was pleased and as an extra bonus they came in under budget so yours truly was extremely pleased.

The trip was rough though, traffic was terrible and it almost rained no stop roundtrip. Driving at night in the rain when one is tired is not fun. For the first time in 3 years of traveling to Kentucky we were late getting there but that was actually a good thing because every thing was ready to be fitted. I believe we were in and out in an hour and half if not quicker. All I know it was the quickest fitting we ever had. We arrived home around 1:30 am.

Saturday morning and afternoon were not crazy they were kind of laid back. Around 4 pm we headed over to Wonder Viv Studio so Vivian could paint a friend for a turn about show and I ran some errands. While I was at Wonder Viv I found our Viv cash and I decided to bring some to Cavan with me so people could tip Hellin’, more on that later. Once this was done we went home so Vivian could paint for that evening’s show with Hellin’ Bedd and Samantha Rollins.

Now by this point I was still feeling the previous day’s vacation so I took a nap so I have no idea why it seemed Vivian painted extremely slowly in my opinion but none the less she finished and we arrived at Cavan where I passed out the Viv Cash.

So the show starts and everyone in the bar goes up to Hellin’ and tips her with the fake Viv Cash. Once she realized what was happening she stopped her number and told the crowd she was starting again and to please not tip her with money that would more than likely burn her skin. It was priceless I have to say.

The show proceeded with the usual banter between the Trio of Trouble. Vivian even was surprised by a visit from a Facebook friend she had never met in person who was in town and wanted to see her perform.

After the show we headed to get some food and got home around 3 am. On Sunday we vegged until my softball game at 4 pm where I tripped and slammed the back of my head on the infield. Luckily the only thing that was bruised was my ego.

So that was the weekend where I was hit by the Drag Bus.