Dragnado Strikes Again

My apologies my Vivettes for the delay in this entry but the Dragnado, which hit the Von Bs of the past weekend was a strong one and completely kicked my butt yesterday. I didn’t have the energy to compose a diary entry.

So over the past weekend not only was Vivian in drag all 3 days but Mr. Von B played 2 softball games and we attended a show.

Let’s start with Friday Night, the monthly Big Top Friday show at Circus. This month Hellin was away getting some backwood plastic surgery so Samantha Rollins and Vivian welcomed Miss Cassandra Terrace and Vee Love to perform with them. The bar had a great crowd. The majority in attendance have never been to a drag show before so that is always an interesting dynamic and Friday night was no exception. At first you could tell the audience did not know what to expect and were a little timid, but after a few more drinks and one set they knew they were in for a good time and they loosened up and just allowed themselves to enjoy the show. Vivian and Samantha on the mic together is always fun.

Then on Saturday Vivian filled in as hostess at Cavan Irish Pub as Hellin was getting her new nose. Now I will say I was a little nervous about this show because Mrs. Bedd’s audience is quit loyal and even they they know Vivian I wasn’t sure if they would like her style of hosting which is different from Hellin’s. Well as usual I had nothing to worry about. Vivian did a great job and had a blast filling in. Thank you Samantha and Nikole Trader for joining Vivian on her first hosting gig at Cavan Irish Pub.

Sunday was the worse of the Dragnado. We started off with Leggs & Eggs, a Burlesque Brunch at Circus Vivian was asked to host. Now I have to say being a gay man who does not like boobs in the least I did not know what to expect from this or if I would even enjoy it. Surprising I did, I won’t say it would be first choice for entertainment but all the performers were very good and knew how to work the stage.

After brunch I played 2 softball games and Vivian attended the Columbus  Gay Men’s Chorus Big Gay Sing concert hosted by Nina West. My team one now and lost one and Vivian enjoyed the concert and said it was a very good show.

After the concert the Von Bs stop by a friend’s open house of their new photography studio and they we were off to Wall Street Night Club for our friend Deva Station’s show Blockbusters. This was a dance show which Deva choreographed and let me tell you those dancers were AMAZING and I highly recommend you attend the next one.

So there you have we were hit by a Dragnado once again and another one is forecast to hit this coming weekend as well. Stay tune to see if we survive that one.