So any one that knows the Von Bs know that Fundraising or what I like to call Dragraising is a large part of what we do. Vivian and I both feel it is important to give back to not only our community but the larger community as well. For me personally it is the number one reason I go along with every thing Vivian. I really enjoy helping others through planning and promoting shows.  So once Vivian had the opportunity to have her own monthly show we knew each month we would choose a different organization to help. The only condition Vivian has is what every organization we choose she requests they promote the show and come to show to speak about what they do. The reason we do this is to put a face to the organization we are raising money for. Let’s be honest it’s easier for people to donate money to an organization they have a connection with.

Over the course of the last year and a half we have had only 2 organizations that have failed. Now I know some of you are thinking well that isn’t too bad and I normally I would agree except for the fact that both of these organization are ones that always have their hands out asking for financial support. So one would think they would jump at the chance. Well they did jump at the chance to be the receipt. However when it came to leaving an impression on the Von Bs, neither one left a good one. Now one did come to the show and talk about what they do and why their organization is important. When it came to promoting the show that month not so much. We were also not very pleased with their behavior at the show but we chalked all this up to our expectations being too high. So we made amends and moved on.

Now for the second organization well they failed so miserably that neither Vivian nor I want anything to do with them now. Not only did they blow off our first attempt to raise money they blew off our second attempt as well. What makes this even sadder is this is an organization that Vivian WAS a member of. If that wasn’t insult enough after blowing us off TWICE we now see them promoting  fund raiser events put together by other members. Talk about a slap in the face. Plus after being confronted about what transpired we received a very half hearted apology. So lesson learned you really don’t need the money.

Now neither Vivian or I will allow either of these events stop us from giving back to the community. It is something we both enjoy and quite frankly something we are good at. As Vivian is fond of saying lately BE THE CHANGE!!!!