First Customer

Well my Vivettes, Wonder Viv Studio has had its first costumer, YEA!!! Miss Vivian is currently working on a dress for a customer and it looks amazing in my humble drag queen husband opinion.

 Vivian started on the dress last week and has the final fitting tonight. Stay tuned for an update on tomorrow on how the final fitting went.

I’m actually pretty impressed with how quickly Vivian was able to finish this dress considering when she made two dresses for herself last week as well. Vivian has come a long way since she first started sewing. Now if she would only finish those damn outside pillow covers for me. I have been waiting for them since last summer. 😉

 So if you need costumes or wigs hit up Wonder Viv Studio, she is reasonably priced, pretty fast, for everyone but Mr. Von B, 😉 and does a great job. Plus she stands behind her work

 All in all the creation of Wonder Viv Studio has been a better endeavor than I could have even imagined.

 Twitter: vonbrokenhymen