Friday Night

So since you are all loyal readers of the diary you know that Vivian performed Friday night at Axis Night Club for a memorial for Tyler Moorehead, softball player who passed away on his 29th birthday, very sad.

Well I am pleased to announce that the event raised almost $2,000 for Tyler’s family. On top of raising money for a great cause the night was a fun time.

Vivian performed two numbers. Her first number was Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” and she did a fantastic job with, even though she was having a some difficulty learning the lyrics. The crowd loved the number and Vivian delivered. She did trip once during this number since she was wearing heels she hasn’t walked in a lot or performed in before. So lesson learned for Vivian, break in her heels before performing in them. 😉

Viv’s second number was the unmixed verion of the A-Teens’s “Mamma Mia” and I have to say Vivian hit this out of the park. I honestly think this was Vivian’s best performance to date. She worked the ENTIRE stage along with the audience. I had so many people come up to me after that performance and say how incredible Vivian did and that I should be so proud of her, which trust me I am. I think it was all about the boots Viv was wearing for that number….LOL.

I have to say Vivian is really coming into her own as a performer. The only thing that could make me happier is more performances. Which we are working on.

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