George Michael

I don’t even know where to begin this post. It’s difficult for me to express what George Michael and his music has meant to me over the years. Just like every one from my generation the music of Wham and George Michael was part of our lives’ soundtrack.

When Faith was topping the charts I had a group of friends that to this day I miss. Most people say it’s the friends you make in college that you remember the most and shape your life. For me that isn’t true, those friends were Timmy, Bob, Jeff, Rich, Brian and Brian. I met this group of guys my senior year in high school. I can honestly say I still haven’t met a group of individuals that I clicked with so much. We did everything together our entire senior year. Most of that time was listening and discussing music and Faith was one of the most talked about albums.

When Listen without Prejudice Vol 1 was released not all of us were still friends. Some of us had gone off to ollege and started to develop new lives but for those of us that were still friends. George Michael’s album was again something that connected us. All of us were blown away by how much his style had changed and matured. All of were anxiously waiting the release of Vol 2 that sadly never came.

By the time Older was released sadly I was no longer in contact with any of my old friends. The main reason for this was my evil ex and his controlling abusive behavior. So for me Older will always represent what I refer to the dark times of my live. I still remember listening to this album and how so many songs were expressing what I was feeling. I would listen to this album and attempt to figure out how I could escape from the hell that was now my prison. That escape would not come for many years.

His next 3 releases: Ladies and Gentlemen: The best of George Michael, Songs of the Last Century, and Patience were also released during the dark times and was the time music didn’t mean anything to me. I was dead inside for all the years of being controlled and abused. It was sad that something that was my entire life now no longer meant anything to me. My escape couldn’t come quick enough for me.

My escape came in 2003 when I meant Vivian and slowly over the course of our 14 years together music has taken it’s place back in my life with the music of George Michael being at the very top.

2016 has taken another incredible Musician from us, for that I am sad. I am glad that his music has always been there for me through the bad and the especially the good.