Ho Sho 666 Prep Work

Well prep work on Ho Sho 666 continues. Last night I finished one of the two mixes for Vivian and the second one has a rough edit.

I was quite surprised that Vivian did not make me redo the mixes. She was happy with the first mix and very pleased with the rough edit of the second. Trust me the first mix I did for Vivian I think I had to redo 2 0r 3 times. Vivian is a perfectionist which can be frustrating from time to time…LOL.

Last night was the first meeting/rehersal for the Ho Sho 666 as well. It was very interesting the drag queens and dancing boys were in the back yard and the husbands were on the front porch. We were referring to ourselves as the Ho Sho widows.

I’m really not sure how much Vivian is going to be able to do for this show since she is in a walking cast (more on that in a different post). By the time of the show she should be in a boot, which should give her mobility. She needs all she can get…LOL.


  • Vivian

    uhm, excuuuse me…that would be a boot, NOT a boat. Although a Cleopatra number could be fun….with some hot boys rowing me as Cleopatra down the Nile…..

    • Vivian

      And a slight correction on the purple hair…..or hurr as us Queens call it…..

      I’ll go back w/out the mister as his attempts to EDIT my purchases will then be non existent……and that purple hurr with my purple dress will be the DEAL! lights, camera…..ACTION!

    • diary

      That would be a lot of boys!!!!!