1453464_10202849657305744_76021453_nImagine finding that one person who gets you, the one person who understands you completely.

Imagine that one person who makes your life complete and makes you want to be a better person.

Imagine falling head over heels in love with this person and wanting to celebrate this love with a wedding surrounded by friends and family.

Now imagine being told that you can’t.

Imagine that person is lying in a hospital bed scared and alone; wanting to hold your hand.

Now imagine being told that you can’t be by their side because you are not considered family.

Well that is what thousands of gay and lesbian couples experience every day living in Ohio. You see Ohio is one of the remaining 34 states in this country that does not recognize marriage equality, one of the states that is still on the wrong side of history.

Yes there are some out there that believe marriage equality is wrong and an affront to their respected God. However this isn’t about someone’s religion, or what one believes is or isn’t moral.  This isn’t even about what one’s politic stance is. This is about what is fair and right for consenting adults, plain and simple.

Marriage equality provides gay and lesbian couples the same rights and protection that other consenting straight couples take for granted. This isn’t about some ‘gay agenda’ or taking freedoms and rights away from any particular group. It is quite the opposite. Marriage equality is about providing the same freedoms and rights to all consenting adults. No matter whom they love.

If you believe in Marriage Equality and want to see Ohio stand on the right side of history then please support Freedom to Marry Ohio, a movement to end marriage discrimination in Ohio as soon as November 2014.

This Friday night, December 6th at Axis Night Club there is a benefit show hosted by Nina West. The show starts at 8 pm and will feature an auction and performances by some of Columbus Ohio’s finest entertainers to help raise money and awareness of the struggle for Marriage Equality.

We can’t stop fighting for marriage equality until we no longer have to imagine a time when all couples are treated equally.